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Learning from Reviews – Resourses

Date: Thursday, 30th Nov 2023 | Category: General

Learning from local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPRs) and in consultation with practitioners and managers who sit on the subgroups of the SSCB, has led to the development of a new range of resourses for everyone who comes into contact with children.

Child Safeguaridng Practice Reviews are about improving practice by learning about why things happened the way they did, and what needs to improve in order to build on good practice to better support children and families.

Following publication of a local CSPR the following product is now available to view via the SSCB website as well as being downloaded below. Please take a look at this product and feedback if you have the time as we’d love to hear your thoughts

Download this annimation to use in your organisation here

For more information opn Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse visit the guidance section of the Board website here

ICON Abusive Head Trauma

Learning from local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews have shown that incidents of death or serious injury in babies can be as a result of abuse head trauma.  The charity ICON use research which suggests that some lose control when a baby’s crying becomes too much.  Some go on to shake a baby with devastating consequences and that the most effective evidence-based programmes studied provide a simple message that supports parents/caregivers to cope with infant crying.

The video resourses have been commissioned with our partners in the Health Visiting Service and are available for all practitioners to use.

Bruising in non-mobile babies

The Bruising in non-mobile babies guidance along with its flowchart is available on the Boards website here.

Forced Marriage

Resourses, training and free campaign material on forced marriage is available on the Boards website here

Voice of the child eLearning course

‘With or Without Words’ is available free to all practitioners. This training was developed in conjunction with Early Years settings and addresses listening to the voice of the child especially in the very young and non-verbal. Book your place here