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Hazel Shaw Graded Care Profile 2 Champion is Awarded at NSPCC Elephant Awards

Date: Tuesday, 31st Jan 2023 | Category: General

Hazel Shaw, Workforce Development Trainer and Registered Social Worker based at Families and Communities, Staffordshire County Council has been awarded an NSPCC Elephant Award in recognition of outstanding enthusiasm and motivation in using and demonstrating the effectiveness of Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) within Staffordshire.

Hazel has been a Graded Care Profile 2 Champion on behalf of the Board since the beginning of its implementation in May 2021. Hazel embraced the train the trainer model provided by the NSPCC and then went onto train many front line practitioners across the multi-agency childrens landscape showing dedication and commitment to the delivery of this valuable tool to identify low level neglect in families across the County. Hazel is one of many volunteer Champions the Board trained to deliver GCP2 all of whom give their time to deliver GCP2, act as mentors and develop new and innovative ways to  engage practitioners in the delivery of GCP2.

GCP2 is an evidence-based assessment tool that helps professionals measure the quality of care provided by a parent or carer in meeting their child’s needs, particularly where there are concerns about neglect. Using the GCP2 tool, professionals ‘grade’ aspects of family life on a scale of one to five. This assessment helps them identify areas where the level of care children receive could be significantly improved and how they can work together to make those improvements or seek the help needed to improve outcomes at the earliest opportunity.

Hazel said

‘It is nice to be recognised as being part of a team that has rolled out the GCP 2 in Staffordshire. As a member of the Workforce Development Team, I deliver this training on a regular basis, and have the opportunity to deliver this with lots of different practitioners who are also GCP 2 trained. This has helped enhance my own knowledge and expertise.

I have also completed a GCP 2 assessment with a family, in partnership with their social worker, and found the assessment tool to be easy to use, strengths based, but also able to accurately assess neglect in specific areas of the child’s life, which is what the GCP 2 assessment is so good at.

Its been a privilege to be able to deliver this training to so many practitioners, both for the board, to our partner agencies but also to practitioners within Staffordshire Children and Families teams.

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