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Changes to Bruising in Non-mobile Babies Guidance

Date: Thursday, 25th May 2023 | Category: General


Updates from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews have generated a revision to the SSCB Bruising in non-mobile babies guidance with regards to the  SSCB Escalation Policy in emergency situations due to the policies timescale around escalation.

It is important that leaders, managers and practitioners are aware of the guidance and use this during supervision and team meetings to address the importance of thinking critically when faced with an injury to a non-mobile baby. It is also essential that agencies ensure all front line staff feel confident and have the ability to challenge other professional when faced with disagreements and during decision making both internally and externally.

The guidance has now been changed with the following additions

If there are immediate safeguarding concerns and agencies do not believe there are suitable plans in place to ensure the immediate safety of a child, they have a duty to escalate this to the appropriate manager outside of the usual escalation process.

Please refer to the Bruising in Non-mobile Guidance at all time